"By descending far down into the depths of the soul, and not primarily by a painful acquisition of many manual skills, the artist attains the power of awakening other souls to a given activity."

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

NewPainters.com promotes a knowledge and appreciation of serious painters and their work. The word "new" is used in the sense of "fresh", "original", "inventive" or "current"; the word "painter" is used with a reverence for the grand and enduring tradition of painting.

NewPainters.com is a project of Raphael Collazo Foundation, and painters are selected for an online exhibition on the basis of artistic merit as perceived by the trustees and consultants of the foundation. Artists pay no fees nor commissions; collectors are invited to contact the artist's gallery or the artist directly for additional information.

As well as NewPainters.com, the foundation sponsors the Museo Collazo, an online museum of the Puerto Rican-born, New York artist Raphael Collazo (1943-1990).

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Left: Raphael Collazo, Watteau Back, 1986, mixed media on canvas, 17 x 14. © Raphael Collazo Foundation 1999. All rights reserved.